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Elite Mobility Scooters Ltd

The home of the new concept SupaScoota

The SupaScoota is the Lightest Portable Mobility Scooter in the World Suitable for Traveling by Car, Train, Bus, Aeroplane or on-board a Cruise Ship.

The SupaScoota folds and locks for Transportation in than 10 seconds fewer and can cover long distance travel with the option of a spare battery pack and support tray.

Manoeuvring Safely around Obstacles & Furniture is a Breeze with the SupaScoota’s Superb Slow Speed Control and its Tight Turning Radius.

The three Models are Standard, Heavy Duty & Sports.

(For the variance of differing people requirements)

The SupaScoota has many important features that are not normally available on lightweight scooters including forward and reverse drive, automatic electromagnetic safety brakes, (So you don’t need to manually operate a handbrake) Fingertip controls have been incorporated into every Supa Scoota as standard including battery gauge and forward and reverse switch.

The SupaScoota is an incredibly safe mobility scooter that is ideal for both inexperienced and people with low core body strength.

The SupaScoota is ideal for taking with you in your Motorhome, Caravan or Boat.


Fingertip control has been incorporated into the SupaScoota as standard, avoiding the strain that can be placed upon the wrist by twist grip controls. The SupaScoota includes an on/off key; forward and reverse switch; battery gauge and an exceptionally safe and easy to use finger control lever.

When the user releases the throttle lever the SupaScoota will automatically decelerate and stop safely through the use of dynamic electromagnetic breaking system. Even when at maximum speed the stopping distance is only 1.5m on level surfaces.

The SupaScoota will stop quickly and safely every time.

The SupaScoota is at home on rough terrain and with its seat suspension it makes the ride much more smoother.