The SupaScoota can be customised to meet your own particular needs. For example the chair can be upgraded to include an extra-comfortable suspension system, and arm-rests can also be added for added safety.


Standard Seat

(Displayed with armrests)


Suspension Seat

(Displayed with armrests)



The Armrests come in two sections. The mount rails are attached to the bottom of the seat by two bolts each, and the Armrests then slide onto the mounts. This makes the Armrests easy to remove for loading into the car.


Rear Basket

The optional Rear Basket attaches to the seat mount and is easily removed when loading the SupaScoota into the car.


Stability kit

The kit consists of a support bracket bolted onto the scooter and two multi directional castor wheels which are adjustable in height and width. The castors make the SupaScoota extremely stable.


Lithium battery

The Lithium Battery is lighter than the standard SLA battery and that is its major advantage. The Lithium Battery also gives a slightly better performance than the SLA battery. The disadvantages of the Lithium is higher cost and inability to Incar charge the battery.

Incar charger

The Incar Charger simply plugs into the lighter socket in the car and then connects to the battery. The voltage produced by the car generator is suitable for the SupaScoota SLA battery. Please note that theIncar Charger only works when the car is running and will need several hours to fully charge the battery. So if you only travel short distances the Incar Charger will be unsuitable. But on a touring holiday it would be very convenient.

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